What men want more than a pretty face or teeny waist is to be ADMIRED by their partner.

What it means: Many women believe men have an affair with the ‘secretary’ because she’s hot, young or has some ‘physical’ attribute she lacks.

The truth is most men that have affairs are CRAVING admiration.

At home, many men feel nagged.

At the office, they are the ‘hero’.

If a man doesn’t feel admired at home, he becomes easier prey for any woman that makes him feel respected and admired.

When a woman makes her man feel admired she cloaks him in ‘anti-slut’ armor because most men would do just about anyting to NOT to lose her admiration. Did you check the ready-to-deploy T Dub has developed? This is the solution I recommend you to start using immediately and follow throughly to find light at the other end of your present darkness in life.

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