After you are mentally ready and have done the due homework to meet your ex for the first time after your break up, it would be time for you to act to start getting in contact with him/her. It is the next step to get him/her back in your arms permanently.

How do you start? Simply place a short phone call. Here is one complete system I have seen it successfully work over and over – almost like psychological mathematics that can hardly go wrong!

Note, this is not just one of those calls you used to make earlier. It is a rather special phone call, approached with enough thought and mental preparation. You need to follow some basic guidelines when you make this call.

1. Keep the phone call short and simple. Don’t elongate it, even if you want to talk long.

2. Avoid analyzing your relationship over the phone totally, at any cost.

3. Simply ask your ex to meet at a specific place and time.

4. Choose a specific activity to meet over. This must be a short activity, say for half an hour or an hour. It will ease your ex from the fear of having to talk to you for long.

5. Choose an activity over which you have enough control. For example, choose lunch (which is short and controlled enough) or a tea together. Do not choose a movie or a party from which you can not come out even if you want to.

6. Do not plead or express desperate feelings on the phone.

In short, keep it light. Talk only for a few minutes, and once you feel the old comfortable rapport building up over the phone to a bit, simply extend your invitation (to lunch or tea etc). Simply ask for it, but don’t be commanding, pleading or harsh.

Call 5-7 days before you actually go out, so that you can prepare enough in the meanwhile.

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