So you are a man or a boy who has recently broken up the relationship with your girlfriend or wife and now missing her? And you want to get your girlfriend back? But how to get her back? How to get a girl back is not an easy question to answer, and it had better understand the process before you even start trying – else you may end up making it a lot more complicated than it should be. Heck, you may actually lose a winning game.

How to get a girlfriend back for a break up that has been because you had taken the direct step to break up may not be too different from what would happen if she had taken the step. The point is that there was a rift hapening between the two of you and that’s what has unfortunately blown up into a full-fledged separation. So you need to reverse-engineer the situation and get driven by your brain rather than your heart if you are serious about winning back your girlfriend.

On this page I have given the overview of a complete blueprint of how should a person approach to get their ex back. And I have written quite a bit on how should the process be and what are the points to stress if you are a man here. And as I have clearly mentioned, if you really want to get your ex back and do not want to leave your success to chances (want to ensure that you succeed rather than only hope to succceed), you would definitely want to part with a few dollars (if she matters more to you than those few dollars) and get a copy of T Dub’s detailed guidebook here. It is a 62-page long gold.

Now that I have said and given the references you really need, let me relax a little and give you the few biggest points to keep in mind. I shall trust you to read up the complete solution on the above links.

1. How to get a girl back does not only depend on her but also depends on how much you have messed up in the beginning of your process. If you have already made her go mad with a few hundred phone calls or text messages then you need to be double-careful. No matter what, you should remain out of touch with her until you are ready.

2. Remember that to win her back you shall have to appear to be a better person compared to what you were when the relationship broke up. What’s better? Nothing too much – better is just that you shall have to drop any quality of yours (including the one that could have been a vital cause of the break up) and work on improving your personality and confidence. Remember, women want their men to be confident and dependable.

3. She loved you. And she probably loves you still. All you need to do is present the you that she had loved once and used to love till things started going wrong. Sharpen those skills of yours that she loved – she will probably love them again.

4. Give the relationship some space. Do not start calling right after the break up. Take some breath. Experience how the world without her is now. Let her experience the same. Prepare mentally. Prepare your personality. And you shall start getting in touch with her only when you are prepared.

5. She may have started seeing someone else in the meantime. That’s no reason for you to panic. What she is going through is called a rebound relationship. If you are game to it, have a speed-date with someone too in order to boost your morale. It will do wonders for you if you can do it. And don’t worry about her dating, it is temporary. Rebound relationships fail practically always and most probably she will not be an exception. Simply ignore it and work your way into your dates.

6. When you do get in touch with her after letting the ust settle to a good extent, keep the first couple of dates short and strictly within time limits. T Dub’s ebook mentioned earlier does a marvellous job in explaining how to get that first date back and what to say and what not to say during this date.

7. After a few dates, if you see it going in the right directionn, propose the long term relationship back. It is probably going to fly.

So here I have over-simplified the process. But believe me, with the right guidance and right planning, the solution to how to get a girl back is not a challenge that you cannot accept. Just that, you need to do things on time and you cannot afford to make a mistake in the process (which is easier said than done) because it is making mistakes and approaching the process or approaching her in the wrong way that can really spoil your chances.

Better prepare now than sorry later. I really think you should invest in your relationship right now and get T Dub’s ebook so that you get a hand-holding throughout the process of winning back your girlfriend in your life forever. The ebook, once more, is available here.

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