How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

So you are looking to better understand how to get your ex girlfriend back. You are on the right page. I shall keep it short and to-the-point to help you understand the real problem and get you started towards your solution.

Most often, when men and boys start missing their nice old days with their favorite one and start asking “How to get my ex girlfriend back”, they are lost. The real starting point is no way to keep calling them till they don’t lift the phone or keep texting them so that they never want to see your face again.

Girls seek confidence. And girls seek attention and appreciation just like men look for admiration. So if you are trying to get your girlfriend or wife back in your life again, you need to start working on a couple of fronts.

  1. You need to show confidence. Yes, you may be lacking the feeling significantly as of now, but that’s not going to cut it. If you approach her like a meek person who does not get his say straight, you are going to lose it. Be careful about a thin line here. Communication can be negative (or meek with lack of confidence), assertive or aggressive. Be assertive about it and they are going to like it. Be negative, unconfident or aggressive and you are going to only increase the distance.
  2. At the same time, you need to show appreciation towards her. Look, you got to acknowledge two things. One – she has some things in her that you like and that had made her your girlfriend, and she still has it inside her (could have a bit of rust but you would want to clear it up). Two – she is not you ex for no reason; and this reason needs to be identified and fixed (or eliminated, depending upon the reason) so that once you get her back the relationship becomes long term.

So while it may be difficult for you, don’t approach her in a state of mind that you don’t want her to see. Even if you are feeling wild or mad about it, try hard and keep patience. The problem of how to get back with your ex girlfriend does not have a solution that will get her back in a single day. Patience is one of the key factors.

Do the following.

Identify the root cause of the problem. Be honest to yourself about it even if you do not want to admit it to others. Work to eliminate it if it is in your control or hands. Learn how to get past it and how to get her out of it if it is at her end – you may have to “train” her out of it to an extent.

In the meantime, do not contact her till you are ready for it. Work on improving a side of your personality that you know she would like. Get some training if needed. Meditate and concentrate on getting it right if you want to. So this will help you develop as a person as well as give both you and her some space. You both need it. In fact, this space may make her start missing you also. And again, just don’t contact her as long as you are not ready.

Enjoy this time off – maybe a couple of weeks to four weeks. Eat healthy. Try to sleep well. Try to gain confidence. In fact, try to speed-date someone else if you want to grow more confidence about your capabilities of getting other girls and feel a little taller. This will make you get past the fear of loss because now you are confident that other girls will still come to you even if you do not win your special ex girlfriend back. If she has started seeing someone else, don’t worry about it – she will easily grow out of it once she starts seeing you again.

And then, when you are relaxed and out of any mental depression, panic and desperation, it will be time to start calling her. If she has already started missing you and has called you, that’s great. Else call her and ask for a short date. To get your ex girlfriend back, no matter what it is important that you keep this first meeting short and sweet. How you do it is simple – simply tell her that you want to meet for this much time (maybe a lunch or a coffee) and once you are done, politely say good bye. Enjoy and have fun in the time you spend with your ex girlfriend. But even if she wants, be gentle but firm about the timing.

In fact, ask your ex girlfriend for a second date after you get back home and contact her on phone again. And then onwards, ease into the relationship again.

I know you are asking desperately how to get your ex girlfriend back and want to get started right now. But if you take the route that most people do – pester her to death by phone calls – you shall have the outcome that most people have – not get her back forever. Rather, to get back with your ex again, take the action plan that I have laid out here. It is going to work wonders.

Remember, the question “how to get my ex girlfriend back” can be asked by you many times, but you get only one real chance to try. So kick in your brains into action. Forget emotions. Act logical. What I have laid out above is driven by logic and it is motivated by a method that has worked on more than 10,000 men helping them get back their girlfriends with an astonishing success rate among this who followed it.

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