How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you are here, you are a woman or girl who is missing her boyfriend or husband sorely after having broken up. Yes, it was most probably a lot of his fault with possibly some shortcomings from your side too. But the problem is that you miss him sorely and want to get your ex boyfriend back again in your life. And you want to do this without begging: you want to hold your head high in the process and yet get him back in a reasonable timeframe. Also, you do not have multiple chances to get it right – if getting the process of winning him back goes wrong then it will really be a bigtime mess.

So it is important that you understand how to get a guy back and act in the appropriate manner to achieve your goal. Let me go into the root of the process of how to get your ex back and hold your hand to show how to work across it to get him back once more in your life, and forever.

Essentially, you will have to prove yourself attractive and a fun person to be with. Even if your best friend – another girl – thinks you should take certain actions, and she does mean the best, the point for you to start with inside your head is that the minds of men and women work very differently. While women like appreciation and attention, men like admiration and ego-boosts. So keep that in mind while you move forward.

Now, you need to identify the reason that the two of you broke up. Is it lack of appreciation on his part that drove you out? Is it lack of attention on his part that drove you out? Is it that you didn’t show him enough admiration? Was it another girl in his life? Was it another man that he mistook to be important in your life?

No matter what, don’t feel desperate. Desperation shows, and makes you react undesirably. Desperation can cause panic. If you are asking how to get ex boyfriend back, the biggest no-no in the answer is to have anxiety and desperation in your mind about the relationship. Difficult or almost impossible as it may sound, relax and move yourself away from such negative feelings. It may eventually lead you to depression which is the last thing that you would want. You need to start afresh and for that you need to have energy left in your mind. Store and save as much energy as you can. And also, stay away from the phone if you cannot stop calling him.

The next thing that you would want to do to get your boyfriend back is find how to improve your confidence levels and inject positive energy in your mind. You would want to identify and polish those corners of yours that may not show the reflection of your best self. Plus you would want to ohone other skills of yours such as things that you love doing. It could be simply joining a social group, going to an artwork school or taking up music – whatever you like the best. This will inject more energy and freshness in you while eliminating any negativity that you would have had.

As you stay completely out of touch with him, both you and he get some free space. This is very much required for both of you. Along the space, both of you shall have enough time and opprtunities to find exactly what makes you want to go back to the other one ad what does not.

Really, I know you are seeking how to get your ex boyfriend back right now and dying to be successful with it, but hurrying is only going hurt the process or even paralyse it. What I am doing here is laying out the overview of a step-by-step blueprint for you so that your chance of succeeding is maximized. On this write-up I can only give you the overview. The detail of the blueprint can be found on T Dub’s instantly downloadable ebook here (62 pages long handbook with detailed step-by-step instructions) and has been a proven on more than 10,000 women till date. It can only help you if you plan and prepare well rather than try with raw emotion and no plan now and be sorry for the rest of your life.

After a while – maybe two to three weeks later, you will be in a position to start getting in touch with him. If you are low on confidence now, speed-date a couple of days – success in this is going to boost your morale. And also, if he has started to see another girl, don’t worry much about it – that’s called a rebound relationship (something about starting a relationship immediately after breaking another one) and it won’t last. Studies show that 95% rebound relationships do not last. In fact, that’s gonig to help you because it will help him better realize how well he was doing with you in the good old days. And he will yearn to come back to you once your relationship starts going again.

So now is the time for you to get in touch with him. Do so by all means. But do not overdo the first few meetings. Let it settle in gradually. Never ever dig up the problems of the old relationship – it is only going to hurt you and haunt you like a ghost. Be a fun person to be with minus anything that may have been lacking in you in the previous occasion. It is going to help both of you. And at the end of the date, he is going to come back a happy person having spent time with  fun person (you) that he loved (and actually, he loves). Be relaxed. Be cheerful. Be nice.

The dust is going to settle now and you are going to start doing a lot better together. This will set up the perfect next step for you to unite in hte longer turn and get back together. You will end up having the solution to your problem of how to have a guy back in your life.

Remember, all of this needs careful planning and preparation. Mess-ups with the process are not okay because that will push him further from you. If you can afford it, go for the ebook by T Dub (actual name: T W Jackson) that I mentioned earlier. It will help you. Also read up this page on how to get your ex back for getting an even better understanding of the whole process.

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