So you are looking at getting back together with an ex. I discuss a concrete step-by-step detail on the process on this page: how to get your ex back – read it to get your thorough plan of action so that you don’t leave it to chance. On the current page, let me share a few tips and trick on how a getting ex back process can have the best possible chance of success.

  • Avoidance of panic and desperation is essential in the process. If you feel desperate and start calling your ex over and over again, it can only hurt you. They are no longer yours at this moment, and they are ex for a reason. If you keep harping on the same string, it will just push them even further away from you and that is the last thing you would want to happen.
  • As obvious from the previous, do not keep calling your ex hoping that your calls will help you get them back. They won’t.
  • It is important for you to hone some of the skills or angles of your personality that your ex loved. See, if you are going to attract them back, they will be attracted to the you that they loved and not the you that they moved away from. So think of what had drawn them to you in the first place and what the attributes that they love in you are. Help them to get sharper and better. This will help you a lot in getting your ex back.
  • At the same time, if you know the kind of things that drove them away from you, work on reducing or eliminating such attributes. It will make a major change in your personality as it appears to them. This essentially means, once you start going together again and move back together, your relationship will turn into a long-term one.
  • Getting back with an ex involves patience. While you are developing your personality to make it more attractive, give them the space and enjoy your space. You both need it.
  • Getting back with an ex requires confidence. You need to be confident and assertive about yourself and your deeds. Remember to maintain the fine line between assertive and aggressive – being aggressive is a strict no-no. If needed, do a bit of speed-dating with someone else to gain confidence as well as to feel how much is your ex needed in your life. Are you comfortable with the person you are speed dating? Can you spend a long number of years together? Is s/he better than your ex? If not, you appreciate the importance of getting your ex back even more.

So getting back together with an ex does require a bit of patience if you want to succeed and stay together in the longer run. No matter how urgent or desperate you feel about it, rushing through the process can only kill your chances. If getting back with an ex was an overnight task that was easy to do, then you would not find so many people asking and wondering about it online as well as in your social circle or among the people that you know.

I have given a detailed plan on this page and I have found an excellent guide book online that has every detail on what to do when at each step so that you can get them back. It has even worked well for long-distance relationships. I strongly recommend you invest the few dollars required to get it and get it before you get started if you really care about the relationship – the book has got more than 10,000 couples together till date with an astonishingly high success rate.

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