If your ex dating someone else? Does that mean you no longer stand a chance to get him/her back? Is he/she going to forget you?

No. On the contrary, you stand a better chance now. Impossible as it sounds – that is what the reality says if you know how to handle this situation. Remember, this is where you should keep cool and never panic. Panic is just going to make it harder for you.

Don’t contact your ex. Contact is strictly avoidable. Your ex is going through a rebound relationship. All you have to do is wait till it breaks.

Will it break? Chances are extremely high that it will – if you and your ex are still in a recovery mode (within 1-2 months of the break up). What your ex is going through is a rebound relationship – I shall discuss that in another post. But, in summary, such relationships normally break and seldom last long.

What is positive about it? Everything.

  • By the time your ex breaks upthe rebound relationship, s/he will realize the weaknesses in his/her current relationship.
  • Because of the same reasons, s/he will start appreciating more deeply the history and moments fo togetherness the you of you have enjoyed together. Remember, the new one does not have a history and memory lane in your ex’s mind which can be cherished. You do.
  • Studies      have shown that 9 out of 10 rebound relationships break. So, if you keep your cool then the odds are high that your ex is going to have a break up. This will make him/her more and more nostalgic about your relationship with him/her and will push him/her further towards you. Just make sure that you don’t press the panic button and make mistakes.

Hence, you would want to be glad that your ex is dating someone else. It is an indication that he/she will probably be ready for you within a short enough period of time.

As I said, here is a complete system that tells you how exactly to follow up once s/he is over with the rebound relationship. It is one of your best moments to get your ex back, so it makes complete sense to stay prepared.

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