Girls often wonder how to get their boyfriends back, and keep trying desperately to get him back. The most typical way they follow is to get in touch with their boyfriend (or husband) and then follow her own routes. Read on if you are wondering how to get your ex back.

She would often talk about how sad she is without him. She would ramble on why should they be together. She would try to impress him that she is his best ever lover and the person who ever loved him the most. If this is what you have done and you are not seeing any change of attitude of your ex-man towards you (or even seeing negative feelings from his side) then there is nothing unexpected in that.

You are making some fundamental mistakes. All the above are exactly what women try to do most often. And did you know, almost all these attempts result in failure?

You need to get 3 things absolutely right if you are serious about getting him back.

1. Maintain composure and attitude. If you have lost your cool, and are after your boyfriend (or husband) telling how much you miss him whenever you get to talk to him, then you are committing disaster. Whenever you meet him next, act normal and calm. Don’t let your emotions be exposed to him – that only causes harm.

2. Show that you have a life. If in your meeting to him you act as if your life is spoilt and your happiness has vanished since he has left you then that gives him the license to act spoilt. Show that you have a busy life, and if needed then cut your meeting a bit shorter citing the reason that you need to go somewhere.

3. Get it to him that you can be happy independent of him. If you are mournful and not a fun-person to be with (all tense) when he meets you, will he not try to escape you to escape sorrow, and go to another girl to get a better life?

Build a solid strategy to get him back and execute it.

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