How to get your ex back

If you are here, you have broken up and are not enjoying it one bit. And no matter what your ex precious other wants, you want to get back with your ex. And you are asking to the Universe, how to get your ex back, fast.

How To Get Your Ex Back

Getting one’s ex back involves a lot more brain rather than just taking emotion. I mean, I know that you are emotional about your ex boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife, whoever it is, but just being emotional is not going to help you get him/her back.

You need to control your emotions and get your brain going to win them back. You have to get them back so that they psychologically start belonging to you and you only – again.

So calm down, take a deep breath and relax. And with full attention read what I have detailed upon. I am going to help you orient your mindset so that you are in a position to carry out with the least effort what could seem to be impossible to most others – capture their attention and convince (without “marketing” your feelings if you know what I mean) them to get your ex back with you.

On this page, I shall help you pinpoint the two exact areas that you shall have to work upon so that they start feeling that they are going to start a great life by coming back to you, and keep enjoying being with you for the rest of their lives.

  • Self-interest: Nothing drives people as much as their own interest. So if you can rouse the interest of your ex so that they want to rush back to you and stay with you, then you have completed the biggest part of the process. You shall no longer have to struggle against them – rather, they will help you to get them back. That’s incredible.
  • Curiosity: And, you have to make your ex curious. In many ways, not many people know you and your habits as well as your ex. And surely there was something that they didn’t agree with which had eventually madethem leave. So if you are wondering how to get your ex back, then you need to figure that out, polish the specific corner of yourself and then make them curious to see how you have changed. Once they spot the change, they will feel a lot more inclied to come back to you.

Take this: you are not out of their heart no matter what they say. You are very much there. It is just that you need to position yourself.

The whole process of getting your ex back will involve a few steps. Properly done, you can complete your get ex back process successfully in 5-6 weeks.

  • Understand why your relationship ended in the first place. The relationship ended because of some alignment between the two of you going wrong. While you think and believe you know it, what many people don’t realize is that men and women think in extremely different ways. What men often want is admiration as they are often driven by ego, and in case of women the main requirement is attention and appreciation. Any absence of any of these at the end of the man or the woman, and the relatipnship is headed towards a high number of fights with a probable break up. The reason that most men give is, “No matter what, I could not make her happy” and the one that most women give is, “No matter what I do, he doesn’t appreciate me“. Do you see something similar in your relationship? If fact, if you don’t, then the chances are extremely high that s/he never even mentioned this to you but has been saying this in his/her friend’s circle. This is the frist step to get your ex back.
  • Eliminate panic. If you are wondering how to get back with your ex, you need to be bold. If you panic that your delay in contacting them is going to make them go further away, you are completely wrong. Panic leads to desperation and that’s exatly what oyu want to avoid. Don’t call or text them at all for now – there is a certain time for that. If you do it now then they will just be pushed even further away. Avoid desperation. Take a break. It is not only you who needs this time, they also need this time. You may be not be able to avoid them (for example, taking a class together or working together) – don’t be rude – maintain a calm, cool behavior. Avoid panic. Avoid depression. Avoid desperation.
  • Remove the undesirable portion that caused the relationship to end. As you know, something needs to change before you start getting your ex back – else you shall be driving them away. Analyze the positives and negatives of the relationship. Look at what had made the relationship work in the first place. What were the positive commons? What were the negative commons? If needed, write them down. Find the real reasons that you want to start your get ex back process (and no, “I shall die without him” is not a reason) – be objective. Are your needs the same? Do you enjoy similar things? While the relationship was okay, did you enjoy being and spending time together? As I had read in the book by T Dub I mention at the end of this page (and I believe that anyone trying to get their ex back must read it), hate is not the opposite of love. Indifference is. Think deepr and you shall know why. If they hate you they care about you. If they are indifferent, they don’t care about you. That’s hugely different. Change yourself ni a desirable way. Change your mindset to eliminate anything that is unattractive about you as your ex thought. Change your body to make yourself look even more attractive. Change your psychology to remain positive and assertive. Enroll in your favorite activity (play tennis, learn piano, whatever it is) – it will help you significantly. Avoid substances like alcohol etc. Eat healthy food, it is necessary.
  • Get in touch with your ex in a very specific way (yes, even if your ex is dating someone else it can be made to work in YOUR favor if you get your act right – but you will get not get more than once extra chance). Once you have made the desirable changes needed in yourself, go ahead and contact your ex. If needed, gain a little extra confidence by a small-time dating with someone else – it will make you feel taller – and if that is not for you then simply ignore it. Complete your period of no-contact with your ex – at least 3-4 weeks – before you make the first phone call. Don’t pester them to death in the call – control yourself. Call when they will have a bit of time to talk privately. Ask them for an hour of date – probably lunch or a snack together. They will accept in most of the cases. If not, call them back after a weel or so and ask the same again. They will probably agree (but if they don’t you may want to text your ex once and if they still do not reply you may need to wait more again or choose to move on). Remember, they may be speed-dating someone else but their heart originally belongs to you – so if they agree, you still have their heart. As I said there, this implies they are not indifferent to you which may mean the world for you. Great news indeed !!
  • Ease back into the old relationship. In the actual date hour, be on time, be relaxed, have fun but be strictly on schedule. If they want more time, set up another date, but don’t extend this date by ANY means. If they don’t say anything but you can make out they have enjoyed their time, politely ask about the next date. They are probably going to say yes to it. DTalk about light and enjoyable topics during this time without digging up old wounds. This will start you easing back into the older relationship, just as you had wanted.
  • Move ahead with fun and bypassing the old heart-wounds. Once a few more dates happen, you can start asking to move back together again. Never stress your ex. Respect his/her wishes. It may take a couple of extra meets more but trust me, it is going to work. And never ever let them face that older attribute of yours that had made them leave earlier. So, now your get ex back process is on the verge of success. If they agree to get back together, you are done. If not, then you may need to have a few more dates and they will start realizing.
  • If it really comes to it (does happen 10-15% of the times), identify exactly when the relationship cannot be salvaged so that you can move ahead gracefully. This does happen. In fact, the process of getting your ex back is so touchy that you cannot afford to make mistakes. One mistake may be mended with a bit of an effort, multuple mistakes cannot be made up unless you really really know how to make up for it.

The whole process needs a clear mind and thorough pre-planning because you cannot afford to experiment once you start the process of getting back your ex. I have read this ebook (something that I prefer to call a system because of its throughness) in detail and you may want to keep it close to your heart too so that you can get an easy and detailed guide illustrating every step of the plan in detail. Unfortunately I cannot give it away for free because of copyright issues, but it is a few dollars spent to mend your heart as well as seal the future of your relationship in such a manner that it will remain wound-proof for the rest of your life as long as you follow the simple instructions.

It is a 62-page long asset with all the step given in simply way more details that I could give on a single web page. This is an ebook by a sailor T Dub who has turned into an extremely successful marriage/separation consultant helping innumerous couples come back together (the number of couple that he has helped directly and indirectly stands at well over 10,000 at the time of writing this). If you are serious about getting back with your ex, are rational, understand that you have just one real chance to do the process and have started understanding even a little bit on what I am talking about in the steps that I wrote above, this ebook is a must-read for you. It helps you prepare and hand-holds you through the entire process.

Next step: Read T Dub’s ebook and get started with your plans and actions. Remember, the more you hesitate, the more you delay and the more your relationship becomes open to chances. So click here and proceed now if you seriously want to get your ex back in your life.